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Hindenburg Journalist PRO is a multitrack audio editor designed for audio producers.


Podcasters that use Hindenburg Journalist Pro

Brett Johnson uses Hindenburg Journalist Pro for Note To Future Me and 6 other podcasts Owner of Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. We work with businesses who are implementing podcasts into their marketing strategy.

shane meche uses Hindenburg Journalist Pro for Consider If You Will! "Motivation to Consider!" The podcast is produced under BeauxFluer Media and hosted by Shane Meche, content creator, author

I absolutely love working with Hindenburg Journalist Pro. The right tools, easy leaning curve, and ease of use! I do my own editing today and after trying two other products, this was hands down the right choice for me.

JD Sutter uses Hindenburg Journalist Pro Founder of PorchlightFM, podcaster for 12+ years, freelance audio editor and podcast consultant

An excellent DAW for podcasting, especially for highly produced shows that are working with numerous audio files and short clips.

James Cridland uses Hindenburg Journalist Pro for Podnews Podcasting News I'm a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future. I'm Editor of, a daily podcast newsletter, and I run,…

An audio editor for podcasts, not for music - which makes it easy and quick to use, and helps you produce a slick product without worrying about the little finicky details.


About Hindenburg Journalist Pro

You can work anywhere with Hindenburg - in the field, on an airplane, or at the office.

This cross-platform audio editor requires no external hardware or state-of-the-art computer.

You can record, edit and share your story from anywhere.

In a day you can record at the shores of the Isle of Wight and later sit at a nearby cafe and listen through the interview. On the way back on the train you can edit your audio. As you step in your front door and kick off your shoes, you are ready to publish.

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