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Website makes it easy to record remote podcasts and video interviews that look and sound like they were recorded in the same room.


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Abel PodShow uses Podcaster & Equipment Geek lets me record audio and video locally without being in the same room as my guests. Ever since I discovered the platform, I have been a fan. It opened so many doors for me. I've had guests on the show that otherwise would have never accepted my invite. Rather than traveling across the country to meet offline, they can join by clicking one link and we start recording within 2 (!) minutes - just awesome!


About is the first (video) podcasting platform that enables local recording of lossless audio and 4K video tracks independent of internet connection. Many of the world’s largest media brands and celebrities like Hillary Clinton, Spotify, Marvel, and Verizon Media rely on the platform to record studio-quality interviews from anywhere, with no loss in recording quality.

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