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Discover the Sony MDR-7506 Professional Stereo Headphones


Podcasters that use Sony MDR-7506

Sean Kelley uses Sony MDR-7506 for Gaming and BS RPG Podcast and 1 other podcast I do podcast production, editing and audio engineering. I am a current co-host of Gaming and BS, a role-playing game podcast and have Talen…

Love these. You'll often find them in TV shows, movies, etc that show people doing recording. I don't suffer ear fatigue and have good sound, no noise cancelling, as I've used them for monitors at one point.


Shrill and heavy on midrange, these industry standard cans are perfect for the human voice, which is exactly what I need when recording a show.


About Sony MDR-7506

Sony’s range of professional headphones are engineered for a combination of strength, comfort and practicality, and are used daily in broadcast & recording studios worldwide. The MDR-7506 professional headphones come complete with protective carry pouch and gold-plated UnimatchTM 3.5mm/6.3mm adaptor.

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