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Record remote conversations that podcast listeners love. Save time without sacrificing quality.


Podcasters that use Squadcast

Espree Devora uses Squadcast for Women in Tech Podcast, hosted by Espree Devora and 2 other podcasts "the girl who gets it done" | Podcaster, author, speaker, tech founder

High quality remote recording with built in backups.

Noah Labhart uses Squadcast for Code Story Noah Labhart is the CTO & Co-Founder of Veryable, and the Founder & CEO of Touchtap, a digital solutions studio. A tech veteran himself, La…

Squadcast just works - period. High quality sound, easy to use interface. And the team that built it is outstanding and looking out for you 100%.


Easy to use double end recording. Sounds like you are in the same room when at distance. Easy to use

Timothy Balogh uses Squadcast On Second Watch - Producer/Host

Audio quality is fantastic. Video helps make the conversation feel authentic. I wish the #of guests allowed was larger (>4), but it is very helpful in times like these.

Jürgen Strauss uses Squadcast for InnovaBuzz Podcast Producer and Host | Podcast Coach | Speaker | Trainer | Idea Generator | Content Creator | Blogger | Marketing Strategist | Systems…

Best quality audio recording available for remote located participants. Almost like in person, studio recordings. Nothing to install, no waiting for recordings to upload, if internet connection lost, then recorded material to that point is still there.

Christopher Nesi uses Squadcast Husband. Father. Educator. Podcaster.

Best $200 investment I make in my podcast on a yearly basis!


About Squadcast

The SquadCast Platform connects podcast hosts, co-hosts, & guests to record studio quality audio from anywhere.

Schedule Session
Schedule sessions in the future or jump right in, with up to 3 guests or solo.

Record In Studio
Interview with video & record everyone's audio in separate wav files without drift.

Organize In Library
Download, listen, & share all of your recordings organized by session.

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