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Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Products Paroma C. uses

Paroma C. uses Chartable Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

To chart the rise and fall of my podcasts. XD

Paroma C. uses Headliner Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Easy customizable audgiograms.

Paroma C. uses Adobe Audition Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Great for working on sound after or before I do content edits on Audacity.

Paroma C. uses Audacity Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

It's the most powerful, free editing tool out there. It's insane that it's free at all! I use it most 70% of my edits even tho I work professionally with 8 podcasts

Paroma C. uses RSS Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Cause my podcast would have no listeners without it.

Paroma C. uses Podpage Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

An easy and effective solution for a landing page for your podcast. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to create a page that sends listeners to the pod apps they want, and this was it.

Paroma C. uses Podnews Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Super informative and keeps me on my toes with updates on changes in the industry.

Paroma C. uses Zoom Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Most of my guests and clients are familiar with Zoom. It's stable and easy to use.

Paroma C. uses RĂ˜DE Podmic Podcast Editor/Producer/Consultant.

Excellent condenser mic! Works beautifully with any kind of voice. Looks gorgeous.


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